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Mexican Altura Pluma Extra Fancy $9.95 per pound

Light roasted. From high atop the Oaxaca mountains in Mexico which face the Pacific Ocean. Bright acidity and delicate body. This coffee has a smooth taste and sweet aroma.

Costa Rica Tarrazu $9.95 per pound

Medium roasted. Certified organic Costa Rican Coffee from Terra Madre. A medium to full bodied robust coffee with wonderful chocolatey undertones.

Nicaragua SHG$9.95 per pound

Medium roasted Nicaraguan beans. A very rich coffee bursting with earthy undertones, cocoa, and citrus flavors. Perfect for cool crisp mornings

Peru $9.95 per pound

From the northern Andean Rain Forest. These certified organic beans create a smooth , sweet and delicately flavored brew.

Colombian Supremo$9.95 per pound

Medium roasted beans that are grown in rich Colombian volcanic soil. Full body, good acidity, and rich flavor 

Guatemala La Concha$9.95 per pound

Medium roasted. From the central Highlands of Guatemala. These beans have a snappy and zesty character which result in its distinctive, rich and spicy flavor.

Sumatra Gayo Mountain$9.95 per pound

Medium roasted Indonesian beans. These beans are water washed, sundried, hand picked and sorted. Full bodied, vibrant, rich and smooth with very low acidity. This is an excellent choice, as an evening coffee.

Full Moo-in' Espresso $12.95 per pound

Espresso roasted. Sonoma county's finest beans. This is a multi-award winning espresso coffee. It is full bodied, sweet and floral. Perfect to wake up to or a perfect final touch to any meal.

Organic Panic $12.95 per pound

Espresso roasted. The name says it all! This is what you want if double shots are not enough.

Red Rooster's French Roast $9.95 per pound

French roasted. Premium Central and South American beans. A great way to greet the day. Bold, chocolatey and brisk but unusually sweet and pleasing.

 Rise and Shine $9.95 per pound

Roasted Full City. A blend of Central American and Indonesian beans. Full bodied and satisfying aftertaste. Great as a first cup in the morning and also a luxurious evening coffee.

 Rainforest Blend $9.95 per pound

Roasted Full City. Award winning coffee praised by food critics. Rich and hearty with an intriguing aroma. A popular choice among many restaurants. Highly recommended.

 Taylor Maid's Sonoma Roast $9.95 per pound

Roasted Sonoma Style. Chestnut, hazelnut, caramel and chocolate are all detected in this blend.

 Harvest Moon Blend $9.95 per pound

Mixture of medium and dark roasted beans. Deliciously bittersweet with an intriguing floral aroma. Perfect end of the day cup of coffee.

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Call now for prices and to order

Tel : (510) 538-1993------- Fax : (510) 538-4861

Visa, Mastercard accepted